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We are Mukhi Capital, a trusted name in real estate investment specializing in commercial multi-family assets. Our Boston-based company focuses on identifying, acquiring, managing and rebranding multi-family properties. We concentrate on target markets across the nation that are poised for above average growth. We seek high-quality multi-family properties that have a great value-add potential by either rebranding, repositioning or through targeted value-add improvements.

Our mission is to maximize investment opportunities for our investors and generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns through our institutionalized approach to multi-family real estate. We deliver results with our track record, expertise and employing creative solutions.


Cash Flow

Choosing the right multi-family asset can produce a steady income stream


You can force the appreciation of a multi-family by adding value or minimizing expenses


Multifamily real estate has a track record of being a stable investment asset class


Multi-family uses leverage to grow


It is easier to scale a multi-family property than other real estate investments


Multifamily can be used as a hedge against inflation by increasing rents


Our creative strategy is based on an institutionalized approach to find high quality muti-family assets that deliver optimized returns. Here is a brief overview on our step by step strategy

Mukhi Capital conducts broad market research to identify target markets poised for above average growth. We concentrate on acquiring multi-family properties in Metropolitan Statistical Areas with specific characteristics. We research the population growth, job growth & diversity, employer profiles, vacancy rate and other characteristics.

Mukhi Capital leverages deep broker network and other creative methods to source excellent deals. We focus on discovering value add potential of the asset and if it meets our criteria we perform a full analysis of the asset. We conduct meticulous due diligence to discover the fundamental value of every investment opportunity. Not only we underwrite the property with a conservative approach but we also perform a sensitivity analysis to obtain downside protection.

Mukhi Capital develops a customized business plan for each and every multi-family real estate asset prior to acquisition. Our goal after acquisition is to optimize the underlying value of the property by executing our business plan and also discovering other missed value add opportunities. Value is created by a mix of renovation, rebranding and/or repositioning.

Mukhi Capital uses expert management techniques to manage the asset and maximize cash flow for our investors. We identify and improve operations, address management inefficiencies and leverage technology. Our comprehensive strategic plan also includes asset improvements that enhance the experience of resident and increase overall occupancy of the asses.

Mukhi Capital employs refinancing and exit strategies that reflect our commitment to fostering lasting relationships with all our investors. As a trusted real estate syndication company, we are dedicated to preserving and growing investor capital. We resolve to structure agreements so that our investors are paid first. Ever-changing market conditions and the specific characteristics of each investment property require unique financing and exit strategies for every situation at the end of each investment cycle.



Founder and CEO

Ketan Patel, a Boston native, is the founder and CEO of Mukhi Capital, a leading Boston-based real estate investment company. As a successful real estate investor, he is focused on identifying and acquiring multi-family properties in emerging markets nationwide. He controls a portfolio of single-family and multi-family assets in Massachusetts and Texas. Ketan is an entrepreneur known as a creative thinker and problem solver who brings his keen business insight to real estate investing. Ketan Patel is proud to continue in the tradition of his great-grandfather, a Mukhi (leader) who united local villages and was a leader in the community. Ketan is also a licensed pharmacist and has experience in owning and operating several businesses in the retail and service sectors.


Board Member

Joe Fairless controls over $100 million in real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio. A native of Fort Worth, he graduated from Texas Tech University and he currently splits his time between Dallas-Fort Worth and Cincinnati. Joe has invested in real estate since 2008. He is the host of the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever, where he has interviewed such well-known guests as Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki. He was formerly the youngest Vice President of an award-winning advertising agency in New York City.


Las Brisas Apartments Dallas, TX

Units: 244

Escencia Apartments Dallas, TX

Units: 200


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